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Digital factoring

Get quick liquidity for your business with invoice financing!


Transfer your commercial credits with a click.

With you can settle an invoice or obtain a ceiling for your commercial credits. Take advantage of our service and receive money for your business in record time!

Average invoice amount



Average invoice expiration



How much you will receive directly in your account

€4,935 - €4,984

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Select a role

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Necessary requirements
Type of business

Transferor and transferee must be corporations

Invoice amount

Invoices must have a minimum amount of 5,000€.

Invoice Due Date

Invoices must have a duration of between 45 days and 180 days.

Features of digital factoring
Get info on the sellout

By assigning your trade credit with you will receive, in addition to the requested amount, a credit rating on the customer you have interacted with.

Assign a single invoice or request a ceiling

Our digital factoring service allows you to assign a single customer or request a ceiling on multiple assignments. Just join portal and create the project directly on your dashboard.

Set up the project allows you to choose how to assign your credit, choosing from the options offered: with recourse, without recourse, with notification, without notification, with or without acceptance, occasional or historical customer.


Is something not clear?



"Digital factoring" is an alternative to SME-oriented financing. It is based on a contract by which a company transfers commercial credit, obtaining immediately in exchange the money subject to such credit, even if at a discount.


You register, enroll your company and seize the opportunities. It only takes 4 simple steps to get the most suitable solution for your company.



You register and enroll the company on the platform, free of charge. You need only 5 minutes, your computer, mobile phone and ID



The financial analysts and the processes of Artificial Intelligence give a valuation of the enrolled company, defining an action plan



Our integrated system of financial matching identifies the opportunities in line with the needs of the company



The client can evaluate proposed solutions, select the best among the projects recommended, accepting and finalizing the contract

The subscription to the platform is completely free!

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